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Digits by Extent of the Jam(via)
Digits emulates the other 80s pre-sampling, pre-wavetable architecture -- Phase Distortion, like the Casio CZ series.
Cobalt by Leslie Sanford(via)
Cobalt is a take on a lot of the 80s hybrid synths, like the LA-synthesis D50
A perfectly workable emulation of the famous Yamaha DX7. Open-source, so you can always build your own.
Useful VST's
Useful VST's
Recording Workbook
This is mostly a day-book with notes and thoughts... so that I'll remember things. It's also, in places, an attempt to pedantically re-organize the way people think about recording technology and music and a place for me to share information that fascinates me enough to have researched it.
This website should look a little different now
It's generally regarded as stupid to spend a bunch of time writing your own CMS. It's the website equivalent of spending hours fiddling with your vi config. Or the software equivalent of sorting your record collection in biographical order...