This website should look a little different now
It's generally regarded as stupid to spend a bunch of time writing your own CMS. It's the website equivalent of spending hours fiddling with your vi config. Or the software equivalent of sorting your record collection in biographical order...
Liveness and keytar lust and open mics
I was kinda pondering if I wanted to try and play my music at open mic nights. It's simultaneously nerve-wracking and exciting, really. An audience that likes the music is a boost, an audience bored or put off is a buzzkill... and you can't control other people. I'm not decided in any particular direction at the moment. I think that the best way for me to represent the ideas in my head is to present completed recorded tracks.
Yesterday I learned: Get good monitors
I dono why I tend to assume that my hearing is nothing special, but I've found time and time again that I've got decently perceptive hearing. Yesterday I learned that I can tell the difference between studio monitors that cost $200/pair, $400/pair, and $1200/pair... and between them and crappy normal speakers. Also, I learned that most of my recent mixes have glaring flaws that are hard to really understand what's going on when listened to with normal speakers but incredibly obvious when listened to with studio monitors.
Keytar Lust
One of my coworkers told me the other day that he's actually a bit surprised that I've never acquired my very own keytar.
Basslines and bass guitars
So, as it turns out, I rather much love the bass guitar. It's a lovely little instrument... perhaps better adjusted for my giant frame than an electric guitar, with a unique variety of sounds and special ability to bind a classic standard rock band together. Given to a mediocre player, it can suggest root notes and serve the rhythm section. Given to a good player, it can counterpoint and drive and accent and sometimes even lead in ways that prevent it from being just a part of the rhythm section. But, as it turns out, I also very much love the synth.
About how selling your guitar is like selling your childhood
This story is mostly about how I ended up walking out of Starving Musician (the local Brick & Mortar music store) with a new old Yamaha TX81Z... but it starts with guitars and dreams.
Recent thoughts on guitar tone...
I've gone through a lot of variations on guitar tone...
Launching a new site...
So, I'm actually pretty crappy at self-promotion. In the end, the default emotional response is to do stuff but not show it to anybody I know, in case they decide that I'm a screwed up loonjob. Which then has me posting it on the internet, but again I fail to promote my stuff because I'll post it on a site without telling anybody about it.
Drum samples: It's a trap!
When you start to have a group of musicians, you really need some way to keep all of them together in synch. In classical music, you tended to use a conductor to keep everybody on time, such that the drums are used as an accent. But jazz, rock, and blues all come from a different root and all of these bands really need a proper drummer to keep time...
I want to replace my MDR-NC5 headphones, but I'm stingy
So, if you've been reading along, you probably know about the MDR-V6 headphones that I have. And I like them even more since I replaced the stock headphones with the velour replacement pads intended for the Beyerdynamic DT250 headphones once the pleather ones started to fall apart.
The inharmonicity of standard tuning
I took some classes on experimental electronic music and such when I was in college and did some reading on my own since then... and so I've been exposed to some ideas in music that are way way way distant from the popular music norm. And I'm still not entirely sure what I really think about them so I'll write some thoughts up instead...
Sharps, flats, and patterns
The thing that I've come to appreciate about different instruments is the things that become easy or hard depending...
Today felt like a bit of a musical day
Today felt like a bit of a musically-oriented day. I hadn't had time to sit down and practice much this past week so I've got a bit of catch-up, I saw Emilie Autumn play on Thursday, and the mood was just striking me.
Effortful study and musical pedagogy at the start of 2012
So, at the start of 2012, I find myself with a rather nice musical setup that's not getting nearly enough use.
The current setup at the start of 2012
I had some money to spend really working on my musical hardware over 2011, but I haven't really had the motivation, time, etc to actually use it...