I play guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards. I can even manage to play drums (although I'm far better at faking it on my keyboard's drum pads than I am sitting at a real kit). I took piano lessons since I was a kid and guitar lessons in high school.

I've gone through industrial, industrial metal, metal, new wave, electropop, progressive, techo, grunge, and screw-this-I'm-doing-nothing-with-music phases over the years.

I was a bedroom computer-centric musician since before most of the world had thought such a thing possible. I started out doing background tracks using an Apple IIgs that came with an Ensoniq audio chipset against live tracks, then started doing computer DAW recording in the days of Pentium 200 computers and AWE64 Gold soundcards. I wrote Buzz Tracker plugins before everybody moved over to VSTs.

Inspiration and influences
I have a standard policy of not spending bunches of time making fun of other musicians. But I was in the car with my brother in the radio age and we were listening to some radio show and the announcer made a BIG deal about this one band and how they were committed to being original in every possible way. And then their music came on, we laughed, and changed the channel. Because it was an incredibly derivative retro band...
On Scores
I think it's interesting to post my work-in-progress scores, which will usually represent some but not all of the parts in my music, for others to see...
The vague timeline, from there to now...